Drinking hot coffee because in a few minutes I have to shovel the snow which arrived in Maine two months late. My red Bean boots are ready– ha ha!– you know I am a Mainer now because I am so tight with the brand that the “L.L.” is unnecessary.

Anyway, did you ever hear of Erma Bombeck? She was a humorist with a super popular newspaper column. She wrote about her family with a real and brilliant insight about why everyday life can be so funny.  I grew up reading her– and even at 8 years old, she made me laugh out loud. She died in 1996, but there is a whole community in Ohio, where she lived, that is dedicated to her. The University of Dayton has a center named for her, there are Erma writing weekends, Erma writing workshops– and Erma writing contests.

I just entered, in the humor category.

Channeling Erma, I wrote about my twins Johnny and Charlie, and how they conspired against us–when they were two years old. 

I read it to my fellow teachers at school and they laughed out loud, so maybe I have a chance. 

Wish me luck–the prize is a big one: a weekend in Dayton, Ohio!

Oh, and new PooPooPoo Podcast comin’ up!

Love to you all!