This year, Chanukah felt like 18 days– I had big concerts at my school and the kids are absolutely wild. They don’t sit still. They run over to their parents–from the stage!–in the middle of singing!– to ask them something. They ask the same questions over and over. They get “fahchatered,” crazy, dizzy, scatterbrained from performing. One didn’t stop picking his nose.

“They don’t stop talking!” And that was the PRINCIPAL!

HOWEVER– my Chorus hit the F#!

I told them that if they do it, I will freak. “Oh!” they said.  “We WANT you to freak, Miz Mayer!” I freaked happily, in front of the packed Gymatorium.

Plus, I give everyone lollipops when it’s over. I buy them by the “300” bags.


Also, I write the Chanukah play for the Temple, and this time I adapted a Yiddish Folktale about a Demon in the Well. The kids were so funny and cute that I couldn’t stop laughing– and I was the narrator. I made a well out of cardboard, and it only got knocked over once! This is my 10th year– and I keep thinking I’m running out of stories…


Meantime, my friend is getting her book published and I am so happy for her that I actually don’t feel jealous at all. She’s calling it “Lolita at Leonards of Great Neck.” New Yorkers know that place well. She inspired me/reminded me,of my own brush with an inappropriate teacher when I was in 8th grade. I’m polishing it up and will record it for you for my next PooPooPoo Podcast! LOVE TO YOU ALL!




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